Total Drama All-Stars
Total Drama All - Stars
Country United States
Websites Wikia
Teams Heroic Hamsters
Villainous Vultures
Winner Gwen
Creator LuluTDFan
Directors LuluTDFan
Predecessor Total Drama: Revenge of the Island
Successor Total Drama Extreme
Total Drama All-Stars is the fifth season of Total Drama.


For the fifth season of Total Drama, Chris brings twenty of Total Drama's most loved and hated contestants back for another chance at the million dollars. The campers will be split into two teams - the Heroic Hamsters and the Villainous Vultures. Back for another season is Brick, Jasmine, Jo, Lightning, Rodney, Scarlett, Scott, Shawn, Sugar and Zoey.  One by one, every contestant will be eliminated and sent home on the Flush of Shame until there is only one all-star left standing.


Total Drama All-Stars cotains twenty-six episodes.

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