Heroic Hamsters
Hamsters Logo
Number of members 11
Highest ranking member Gwen, 1st
Lowest ranking member Leshawna, 21st
Team selected by Chris

The Heroic Hamsters are one of the two opposing teams in Total Drama All-Stars. The team logo is a yellow hamster with a halo over its head on a gold background. The team is made up of Cameron, Courtney, Dawn, Geoff, Harold, Lindsay, Mike, Sierra, Trent and Zoey. However, in Saving Private Leechball, Courtney and Gwen switched teams due to their actions in the episode.

Total Drama All-StarsEdit


Additional membersEdit

In Saving Private Leechball, Chris switches Gwen to the Heroic Hamsters after her behavior proves to be more heroic than villainous.


Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Dawn Female 19th 10th Saving Private Leechball She refused to help her team win because she didn't want to hurt anyone.
Geoff Male 17th 9th Moon Madness He did not reach the finish line and therefore cost his team the challenge.
Trent Male 16th 8th Suckers Punched Sierra convinced everyone to vote Trent off because she wanted to separate Gwen and Trent.
Duncan Male 8th 3rd You Regatta Be Kidding Me He destroyed Chris's cottage, where he was later arrested for his actions and he was therefore removed from the competition.
Zoey Female 1st/2nd 1st/2nd The Final Wreck-ening She took out the sword from the stone first, beating Mike. Runner-up in Mike's ending.
Mike Male 1st/2nd 1st/2nd The Final Wreck-ening He took out the sword from the stone first, beating Zoey. Runner-up in Zoey's ending.