Contestant Profile
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Hazel
Family Brothers, father
Friends Duncan
Enemies Bridgette, Geoff, Harold, Rodney, Staci

Camp TV

Team(s) Killer Bass
Eliminated S1: The Big Sleep
Place S1: 13th

Total Drama

Eliminated S1: TBA
Place S1: 1st/2nd
Eva, labeled The Female Bully, was a camper on Camp TV as a member of the Killer Bass.


Although Eva is very competitive and physically strong, she is often overly aggressive. She is known to have a short temper and violent ways of exhibiting her anger. Part of the reason she auditioned for Camp TV was to curb it. She enrolled in anger management classes before the show and has since shown that she is capable of making friends, albeit not very many. In general, she is not very emotional, and is almost never seen displaying feelings other than anger and indifference.

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As soon Eva arrives on the island, she strikes fear into the other campers. When dropping her duffle bag, it lands on Rodney's foot which prompts him to ask if her bag is filled with dumbbells and she replies with a "yes." After the rest of the contestants arrive, Eva is placed on the Killer Bass. Throughout the first challenge, she does very well and is the first to jump off of the cliff. When Staci struggles with the challenge and cause them to lose an advantage, she becomes irritated and yells at her. Eva helps the guys of her team build the hot tub, but Staci pulls her and Bridgette to the side and tells them to let the "big, strong guys" handle the challenge. This enrages Eva, who goes off on her. Later when the Killer Bass are declared the losers of the challenge, Eva along with the rest of the team vote off Staci.

Her bullying continues well throughout the second challenge of the season. She, along with Duncan, decide to pick on Harold for no reason but their enjoyment. When completing the run that Chris assigned them, she finished rapidly and was the first to arrive at the Mess Hall. Eva becomes irritated at Harold for taking so long in the run and is irritated even more when Chris reveals that the run was not the challenge. Later, when the large dinner is given to them, she enjoys her meal. During the challenge, Eva does very well and bonds with Duncan over their hatred of others. She makes it all the way to the final five against Gwen, Heather and Trent alongside Duncan. Heather makes a few comments about Duncan and Eva's new found friendship, which angers her enough to yell at Heather and yank her hair. Bridgette and Geoff attempt to calm her down, though it is no use and she begins to attack Heather. This disqualifies her from the challenge which makes her even more angry. After the challenge is over, the Killer Bass is once again declared the losers and Eva was sent home due to her angry outburst. Before leaving, Eva yells at her team and tells them that they just sent home their strongest player.

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